Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas list for the cats

The cats have their own ideas about what they would like for Christmas. 

Saturn would like a baby hedgehog to play with but Mama said no. The other 3 would like the same or a live mouse but Mama said no. Sniper tried to argue with me that he wouldn't hurt it. He just wants to carry it around in his mouth. Mama still said no.  

After some grumbling and complaining and Saturn running for her life, they decided that they would like a new wand toy. Georgie ate their other one.  And the one before that.  And H's earbuds.  And the last roll of toilet paper.  Again...

They would also like a laser pointer because Mama lost the last one. And some new crinkly balls.  

Oh and Harper would like to eat more without turning into more of an egg on legs. Mama said no. 

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