Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And then there were 4....

I've officially become a cat lady.  I'm single, 40, and now have 4 cats.  Yes, I have 4 cats....  I think I might be losing it a little because I started to miss having a kitten since Georgie is now 2 and not as BAD as he used to be.  Since I'm not likely to be having anymore babies (human ones), H and I went to the Wake County shelter in July to just LOOK at the kittens.  I should have known better than to even go.  Especially since the shelter had waived all adoption fees for cats and kittens that weekend.  And they included a voucher for the first vet visit.  With my vet.  Sigh..... 

 We fell in love with this scrappy little grey and white female.  She was 8 weeks old and a Russian Blue mix.  I didn't really want another male since then I would really be outnumbered.  I also figured that Georgie would have a problem accepting another male being a bottle fed baby.  That and he likes to think that he's in charge of the whole operation.  Sniper puts him in his place often.  ANYWAY.... 

H and I discussed names on the way to the shelter.

Me: "what about Annabelle?"
H: "no"
Me: "um, Jezebel?"
H: (eye roll)
Me: "well you come up with a name"
H (as a Saturn something or other drives past): "Saturn?"
Me: "Seriously?  Saturn?"
H: "Yeah I like Saturn.  Plus she's gonna run fast."
Me:  "OK.  I'm just glad you didn't see a Dodge or a Toyota"

 So, we named her Saturn Annabelle.  I was insistent on the Annabelle.  She just looks like an Annabelle to me.  She's is fitting into the family quite well.  All she does is eat, run for her life, attack the other 3 cats - all of whom are at least twice her size - and occasionally sleep.  She likes to curl up under my chin in the middle of the night when she's cold, but then gets irritated if I accidentally lay my head on her.  Sniper adores her, Harper tolerates her and Georgie is still waiting to see if she's gonna go away.  He doesn't quite get that Mama can love another cat.  Well, at least not another cat that wasn't already there when he got there.  H absolutely adores her and she seems to love him - for now anyway.  She likes to curl up in his lap and help him play on the computer.  She's almost convinced that her name is "DAMMIT, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE DRYER!!!!"

Sniper (4), Harper (3), Saturn (6 months) and Georgie (2)
Now I have stair steps for cats - 4 years, 3 years, 2 years and 6 months.  I swear I'm done now.  I don't think my queen size bed can hold another cat plus me.  Besides, my apartment is only 1100 square feet and I can't afford a bigger one....

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