Monday, June 15, 2015

Saturn is 1!

"Mama, there's a fly in the house"
Saturn turned 1 on May 28. She's much smaller than the other 3 and weighs in at a hefty 7.5 pounds.  She's very feisty and is almost as chatty as Sniper.  I thought Georgie ran a lot when he was teeny, but that's NOTHING compared to Saturn.  I swear, all the cat does is run.  She's either chasing the other 3 or she's running for her life from chasing the other 3.  She also likes trying to get in the dryer and the washing machine.  There is no counter that is safe, even though she's not big enough to counter surf with her teeny paws.  She also tries to trip me when I come inside by flopping over on her back right in front of the door.

"If you can do it, so can I"
She and Georgie have come to an understanding.  Saturn chases Georgie and then Georgie bites her.  Harper just kinda lets Saturn run all over her until she's had enough of the kitten shenanigans.  Then she swats Saturn upside the head, Saturn yells and runs off.  Sniper seems to tolerate her the best and tries teaching her manners.  They actually play together a lot.  "Playing" really means that Saturn attempts to attack Sniper, fails, turns a flip, bunny kicks Sniper in the jaw and Sniper tries to put Saturn's whole head in his mouth.  There is usually some hissing and meowing involved, but since it's not typically serious, I don't always intervene.

super comfy on H's lap
Saturn LOVES her human brother.  She sleeps with him in his chair and helps him play video games.  H has taught her how to run up the ladder to his loft bed.  He's working on teaching her how to get down without looking like a wounded gazelle jumping over a fence in the process.  It's not going too well, but they try.  I think she would stay in H's room or with him all the time if he kept a little bowl of kibble on his desk....

little pillow thief
happy babies on Mama's bed
I was worried that they wouldn't get along or there would be trouble when I brought Saturn home.  They've settled in very well and now take up a little more than half of my bed.  Even though I don't usually let them lay on my pillows, Saturn has stolen the pillow that is right beside my head and will swat at anybody who DARES to lay on her pillow.  And yes, that includes me sometimes.  That's when I have to remind her that I am the only one that can open the cans of wet food.

she does a fabulous rug impression
Happy 1st birthday, Saturn!!!  You run a lot, jump up the walls, practice kitten wall bouncing and like to hide behind the blinds (except it doesn't count as hiding if I can see you).  You have become very adept at playing "ooh what's under the covers" at night.  You make your Mama and human brother laugh all the time and you have made us very happy.

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