Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ahhhh...teenager memory.....

My son, "H", had an English paper to write and was supposed to be working on it all this week AND turn it in yesterday since he will be at a marching band competition the rest of the week (YIPPEE, Mama gets the weekend off!!!!!).  He had done absolutely nothing on the paper.  Thank God his teacher is super awesome and called his dad to let him know.  The assignment was to write a personal narrative about a foolish decision that he had made in the past.  He started on it at his dad's house, there was some yelling and tears and snot and shouts of "I GIVE UP", so I went to get him and played referee for a few minutes (think "both of you to opposite corners").  After H and I got home and he annoyed the cats for a minute, this is the conversation between us (the Readers' Digest version)......

Me:  "Honey, you need to start writing"

H:  "I don't know what to write about"

Me: "You can't think of anything???"

H: "No, I'm trying to write about my bike accident, but I don't really remember it."

Me:  "OK, well, I can help you with what happened and everything"

H: (getting seriously exasperated) "But I'm not going to write about YOUR memory.  It's supposed to be MY memory."

Me:  (big sigh) "OK, since you don't remember anything, why don't you write about another foolish decision?"

H: (quite innocently)  "I can't think of a bad decision or a foolish one that I've ever made"

Me: "REALLY?!??!?!?!?!  You've made it to almost 15 years and have NEVER made a bad decision"

H: "Not that I can think of"

After laughing at that statement, and giving a couple of very good suggestions that came to mind in about 3 seconds, he finally settled on a subject and began writing.  There MAY have been some tears involved (his) and some yelling (me), but his paper got written and turned in on time.

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