Thursday, February 27, 2014

The BIG 4-0

Oh lord - my 40th birthday is in 10 days.  10 days!!!!!!!  How the hell did I get old enough to be 40 and have a kid that will be taking driver's ed soon???  My mom is throwing a birthday party for me.  I came up with the guest list and originally there were 60+ people on there.  I didn't know I really knew 60+ people well enough to want them to celebrate my birthday with me, but then I realized most of them were family.  This will be the first birthday party I've had since I was 10 and had a slumber party with a couple of girls from school and my sister helped us dress up at punk rockers.  Think hair like Boy George in 1984..... 

I can't wait for my party......  I wonder if Mom will get party hats and balloons????

I really want a fennec fox for my birthday

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